As we all know we are living in the age of technology and science. Everyday there is new update or new version in the technology which is being used. Many efforts are done to make the best software and give the best services to the users. Revolutionary technical trends are expected in 2017 which will effect many industrial sectors also.

Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, or people that are provided with  the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human interaction. Amazon, Google and Apple are in the research phase of making the most of these things by connecting them using Internet of Things concept. In 2017 the horizon for this concept is going take a toll on people. While still in its infancy, the Internet of Things (IoT) has a full head of steam and shows no sign of slowing any time soon. From data center monitoring to building maintenance to supply chain management and home automation, the connectivity and tracking possibilities are endless. Once implemented successfully, Internet of Things is going to habituate common people for convenience and flexibility at its best. Though there are few limitations to this technology but it seems they are to be set off very soon.


Artificial intelligence

Mobile and even web users are getting used to the applications with artificial intelligence. Though there are some limitations and it is available in very few apps. But in 2017 it seems to enter almost any type of consumer application, from offering better recommended products based on prior purchase history to gradually improving the user experience of an analytics app. And people will be getting used to this AI for frequent use.


Big data 

With the trend of going digital, need of handling big data also arises. the mass quantities of gathered data can be used to various purposes. its benefits will be opened to businesses in 2017 once the research progresses in the right direction.  Big data analytics make it possible to easily retrieve data, as per users’s needs and as and when required.We can hope for beneficial ways of using this data.


AR and  VR

In 2017, the scope of augmented reality in virtual reality is going to exceed its current level. POKE MON GO an augmented reality game had succeed so much that no one is unaware. Even snapchat’s face filters are also highly popular augmented reality concept where as People are already been entertained by games based on virtual reality and are demanding with enhanced  graphics and  VR. It will be interesting to watch inflatory raise in AR and VR based apps and games in 2017.


On demand services

In this technological era everything is there in the mobile application. It is making easier for people to get various types of services. What do you need? Food, cab or any service? Just in one tap every thing is there in your hands. People are also responding greatly to all these types of apps and thus encouraging the growth of service giving mobile applications. In the near future we will see further enhancement in this field.


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